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With great pleasure we welcome you to the website of Candela Sphynx.

We are in the city of Barcelona, capital of the province and of the autonomous community of Catalonia (Spain).
Candela Sphynx is a small exclusive cattery dedicated to the selection and breeding of Sphynx cat, and we specialize in Mink and Point (blue eyes).
Our breeding program is based on its origins in phenotypic selection. Then, when the number of copies produced was enough, comparing fertility, calving ease in females, the number of babies born, their growth, their physical and psychic, we considered genotypic selection, retaining for breeding, the most Sphynx cats with salient qualities.

Our goal is to breed healthy cats, sociable and quality, as close as possible to the breed standard.
We prefer to have a small number of kittens.

In Candela Sphynx believe in quality rather than quantity. This has been our motto, our sphynxs have free access to the entire home.
We hope you enjoy.

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Our kittens will leave for their new homes, after 4 months of life, healthy and well socialized.
Sanitary record or passport with all their shots and deworming.
Microchip inserted.
Copy HCM negative parents.
Pedigree ASFE (FIFE).


Núcleo Zoologico B2500682


Jana Balasch
José Candela Murias

Telf +34 937 190 465

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